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Looking for a modern, secure, and mobile friendly website? We’ve got you covered! Compiling over 15 years of experience with website design and website development, we’re able to make user-friendly websites as well as provide top-notch security! We can create one-off website designs for you to host and manage yourself or we can handle all of the hosting, maintenance and security for you. To learn more about our website design services, contact us today!

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Proper maintenance of a website is important in order to ensure it remains fast and secure. If proper maintenance is neglected, it will quickly start to show signs of age. If your website is slowing down, or beginning to stockpile “small glitches” it could mean it hasn’t been updated in a long time! Not only are dated websites a bad experience for the customers, they could become a security risk for both you and your customers’ information. With a proper security and maintenance plan, you can ensure your website remains fast and secure for years to come. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Website Design and Website Development Questions

Our pricing starts at $1050.00 for a single landing page site and is an additional $200.00 for every additional page. Pricing is subject to change depending on the size of the website, whether you would like us to host through us, or any special functionalities.

The turnaround time for a website will vary depending on the number of pages and if there are any additional add-ons. If it is a standard 5-8 page website, you can expect to see the first draft in about 2 weeks.
Upswing Marketing currently offers a hosting and maintenance plan for all the websites we build. The standard plan starts at $350.00 per month and will include hosting, security, and general content updates. You’re also free to handle the hosting, maintenance, and security on your own or go else-where for these services. In this instance, Upswing Marketing will not be responsible for any security breaches and additional updates will be charged at an hourly rate.
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